Monday, 24 May 2010

I am a Studio Hermit no longer.

Above is just one of the projects that has turned me into a Studio Hermit for most of the Spring/Summer transition period. Luckily, this week will mark the end of planning my days hour by hour and waking up thinking about frame sizes; just in time for me to increase my freckle count. And get back to pondering over my favourite Mini Milk flavour. It's between Strawberry and Vanilla at present, with Vanilla just getting the edge. Chocolate flavour doesn't get a look in. But back to business....

Above is the final plan for the wall installation at 28 Girls & Boys Barbers, found on Goosegate, Nottingham (well worth popping in for a trim). To be done with brush and ink on a wallpaper of vintage maps. I'm very much looking forward to getting started.

The project that has been the largest contributing factor to my Hermit Status is the selection of framed drawings for the Bodega. I posted some tidbits below. The work will be going up in full by this Friday 28th May. Do pop along if you're about for Dot to Dot festival. Do try to avoid me though, I will almost certainly be drunk and probably try to cover you in glitter.

Happy Sun Days

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