Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Bearded Ladies

These Bearded Ladies aren't finished, they need some organising but I got so involved in the background stories behind these hairy dames that I needed to share them! The top dame is a lady called Madame Delait, a Parisian lady who was an avid member of the French Bicycle Club 'Cycle Thaonnais'. She apparently let her beard grown for a bet and became a national celebrity!

Big Chief

I haven't yet posted any of my work from Camberwell so far. I think because I have been busy in the library and print room formulating projects and feverishly drawing, I have been waiting for a point when I am content and happy with the way my work is going. So that's about now. I've been screen printing this Chief in two different 3-way colour compositions and fallen head over heels back in love with silkscreen.