Thursday, 6 May 2010

Bodega Business

Here are some sneaky snippets from a forthcoming project with the Bodega Social Club, Nottingham. I will be decorating the downstairs bar with my drawings of dalmatians, deer, deadly mushrooms and dilapidated treehouses, as well as a great many things that don't begin with 'D'. The work should be going up around the 24th May, just in time for Dot to Dot festival.

Good times.


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  2. Jennie Webber, Benjamin Coley here, salutations!

    Firstly I thank you for accidentally diverting me in the direction of this website, I wanted a vehicle to promote myself as an aspiring writer and now I have it. With that in mind clearly this is a semi-selfish comment, but at the same time your drawings remain delightful and might I publicly declare that it is a fully-fledged tragedy that our paths haven't crossed in 20+ months. I wish you every single success.


    {lots of irony to be found in the fact this message had to be deleted and ammended due to grammatical errors}