Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Friday, 20 November 2009

The Hockley Hustle 2009

My Faithful Hound. A limited edition screen-printed T-shirt design for 'The Hockley Hustle'. A Nottingham based Music and Creative Arts Festival taking place annually in October.
This design is still available from Oxfam Originals on Goosegate, Hockley, Nottingham.
Printed in Electric Blue.

New Flickr Site and

Just a quick note:

Got myself a Flickr Site (Long is everything else I do)

And my website is finally shifting towards being finished....

Do keep checking back.

Trophy Heads at Lee Rosy's Tea Shop

After travelling Europe for part of the summer, my 'Back To School' Project for September was a Hand-Drawn wall installation at Lee Rosy's Tea on Broad Street, Nottingham. The collection of Trophy Heads and Taxidermy was hand-drawn with ink and brush and my framed works on paper decorate the rest of the tea shop.
It took quite a while but the splendid staff plied me with free tea so I left with no complaints, if a little over-caffeinated. I recommend the Rooibos Flower Dance and the Apple Cake. Ths exhibition is still up now so if you're in the Hockley Area of Nottingham do drop in for a look and a Hot Bev.

Bangers and Fash

'Bangers and Fash' is a creative event put on by my very good friends at WE MAKE T-SHIRTS( and 269, The night showcases Graphic and Illustrative T-shirt designs, with stalls from other creative businesses based in Nottingham (like my pals at Merrimaking Hoods I organised the Live Illustration, 6 artists of varying styles working onto painted doors. Jennie Webber/Alex Godwin ( Jen McHugh/Adam Gray and James Huyton.

Pictured is my Walrus Carcass in various states as I drank more and more Sailor Jerrys.

New Work/Old News

A few new drawings, private commissions and private thoughts...

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Out of the Woods....again.

Do go along to this night that I've designed the posters and flyers for.
They have been in the Guardian and they play Fleetwood Mac.
Out of the Woods... at the Bodega, Pelham Street, Nottingham.

Flyers and Posters are littering the streets of Nottingham this summer.


An Evening of Live Music and Screen Printing.

I was screen printing my 'Distinguished Pug' at this splendid event in March. The first of it's kind. Hosted by Waste Yourself Graphic Studio ( and Gringo Records. Held at the Arts Organisation, Station Street, Nottingham.

The next one is in September...worth a peek indeed.

It's About Time

I like attaching feathers to things.

I really like skeletons.

Especially rib cages and skulls.

A bit of an erratic array of my last few months work...

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Cup of Tea Drawings

A few recent drawings. Mostly of deceased animals and taxidermy.

Lone Hummingbird.

Docile Stag.
Distinguished Pug.

Irate Stork.

I like the idea of preservation.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Not on White Paper

'Not on White Paper' was an unconventional drawing show, shown from the 3rd til the 14th December 2008 at the Malt Cross Gallery, St. James' Street, Nottingham.

This exhibition was a joint curatorial project by Jennifer Webber (myself) and Naomi Terry.

Curatorial Statement.

'Not on White Paper' is a collection of line based work, of any medium or material, that side steps the conventional format of drawing. By taking away the limitations of white paper that are ordinarily applied to this medium, the exhibition aims to broaden the expected perceptions of drawing and elevate its status.Whether it be of simple or complex construction, the intent of the exhibition is to exemplify the fundamental elements of drawing. The work shown retains the honest qualities of line, in which the process of expression is evident in the marks made.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Out of the Woods

A favour to a friend.

Flyer and Poster Designs for the Bodega Social Club, Pelham Street, Nottingham.

Firmly cementing my love for antlers....

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

I Should Have Done This a Long Time Ago

I should have done this a long time ago.

This is relatively old work, for the NTU Fine Art Degree Show 2008 (

Three Hand Drawn Stop Frame Animations.

Watch the last few seconds closely.

Theone below is my favourite.

This is what I had to say about the work last year.

My interest lies in a specific aspect of the everyday. It is the remaining evidence, the tangible traces of the previous that often go unnoticed in amongst the bustling present. My practice is centered around an ongoing search for these easily missed yet ever lingering clues. I want to draw out the aspects of the everyday that, on closer inspection, construct a tangible imagery of a fraction of a past belonging to another, set within another time. It is the fragments of evident humanity that capture my imagination. I have long been seeking a term that better defines the essence of what it is I seek. I have needed to articulate the very core of my findings that are particularly reminiscent of human intervention. It is evidence of the little noticed conscious thoughts and actions that work as clues to build up a narrative somewhere in between fact and fiction. I am searching within the everyday, uncovering the fleeting moments of notable triviality from beneath the blanket of routine and the mundane.

From this ongoing search I document the fleeting moments with sketches and photographs. From these records I produce hand drawn stop frame animated films commemorating the trivialities I have witnessed. The films are presented as subtle, small scale rear projections. Not a great deal happens in each film yet there is clear evidence of the investment of time and the labour intensive process which in itself elevates their importance of the tiny event. The collection of films are presented separately and intermittently to echo the experience of witnessing the moment.

I am interested in the process of drawing as a medium, teetering on the line between reportage and imagination. It interests me how little marks can convey imagery in the human mind, in particular with the addition of familiar movement. Within the construction and composition of the drawn animations I explore the use of minimal line and the white space on the page in order to allow the viewer to apply their own imagination. I am conscious of retaining a sense of ambiguity, making a requirement of the viewer to watch and be rewarded.