Thursday, 12 April 2012

Samsung SSD 'Talking Print'

I was kindly asked to produce a set of 21 illustrations for a rather exciting print project for Samsung. The global technology giant, Samsung, produced a rather snazzy new hard-drive named the SSD. It has no moving parts, it's all microchips and makes everything to do with your PC better. But as it's a tricksy, clever little blighter, it's rather hard to describe. So the folks at London-based media company Jam came up with a viral film, inviting those in the know to describe the SSD so a mum could understand it. It was wildly popular, with over 8000 entries so Samsung decided to make a wonderful little printed pamphlet. And that's where I came in....

Click it. Get it.

A Samsung SSD might just change your mind.

Upgrading to a Samsung SSD is like switching from a locomotive to a bullet train.

A new Samsung SSD will mean less time waiting for your computer,
and more time enjoying your machine.

You'll know there's no going back.

Comparing an SSD to a regular hard drive is like comparing an MP3 player, to a gramophone on a bumpy road.

Tired of waiting for your PC to load?
With a Samsung SSD your PC waits for you.

A Samsung SSD is like a new pair of glasses for your computer.
It reads faster than ever!

Many thanks to the wonderful folks at Jam and the mighty Mike Knight for his design prowess. Follow more collaborative illustration adventures over on the Samsung SSD Facebook page where I'll be creatively responding to fans and people that enjoy technology.

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