Sunday, 30 January 2011

Hello HTML

Today, in return for a home-made courgette lasagne, I was given a Webbersite Tutorial. I've been giving my website a bit of a spring clean. It's now full of nice shiny new work that's worth looking at, rather than four year old drawings that I probably now use to make paper aeroplanes out of. Please do click the link and have a shufti at the new + improved and keep checking back for regular updates. As now I am no longer scared of HTML.


Having recently started to wear contact lenses, I am only now beginning to realise how blind I really was. I was living in a Monet, now I'm in a Mondrian. I feel like the Blind Man that Amelie escorts to the Metro, aglow with the joy of having eyes.

Billy + Malark

Billy and Malarky. Two excellent people that are up to wonder-stuff in Brixton. Soon there won't be any plain or boring shutters left in sight.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Johnny Eck

Oh this man was wonderful. His name is Johnny Eck and he was a performer in P.T Barnum's sideshows and circus acts in the USA. Born as a twin, but missing all his body below the torso ('Broken Doll!' a midwife exclaimed at his birth) he lived to the age of eighty-six. In his life he accomplished more than most; a pianist, composer, painter, train conductor, racing car driver and photographer amongst many others. He made his own clothes to fit him perfectly, carved puppets to use in his shows, painted his own signs and lettering and when asked if he wished to have legs, he replied "Why would I want those? Then I'd have pants to press!"
What a chap. If anyone is in need of a healthy dose of perspective I suggest they do a little research on this incredible man.

This 4 colour screen print is an edition of 20 and will soon be available on my Etsy shop.

Wall Drawing at Concrete Hermit

I do love my job. Left with a blank logo and a few Posca's I came up with this. Keep checking the Concrete Hermit blog and website for some VERY INTERESTING DEVELOPMENTS that are in the pipeline for 2011. Or go one better and sign up to mailing list. Although the gallery is closed at present we are working very hard on new projects that are going to make YOU happy this year.

Buffalo Breath

Another Heavily Overdue Post:

During the month of December I invited my splendid and talented pal Simon Cook to exhibit at Concrete Hermit's Kingly Court shop space. He happily obliged and it was a grand success. Working under the alias Stone and Spear, he creates colourful collage pieces, mixing old photographs and considered graphics with a sense of humour and wit. Read about it on the Creative Review Blog and read more about him in this months issue of Elephant. Pictured above is a hand-cut paper wall collage, below are the prints (available through his website + online shop) and at the bottom a nice lovely picture of us both. Aaah.

Happy Twenty Eleven

After all that, I forgot to wish you 'Happy New Year'! Here's a lovely statue of a well-dressed frog to wish you well.

Face up

Blimey. I don't know why I limited my drawing to animals for so long!? Faces are so satisfying to draw. Cheekbones, eyebags, wrinkles, loads to get your pen stuck into. This was part of an exhibition/working project at Camberwell. My face collection was made up of my research into 'Unusual People', strange dolls from the Museum of Childhood and Red Indians. Though one face distinctly reminds me of a friends ex-boyfriend, mildly inappropriate.

Not bored of beards

I liked these women so much that I screen-printed them in a few of my favourite colours. I am currently in the process of setting up an Etsy shop, but if you just cannot wait and must absolutely immediately own one of these prints - please send me an email jennie [@] They aren't quite perfect and are a tiny edition of 13 (lucky for some) but my skills in the Print Room are gradually improving so I may reissue these wonderful women, or develop them further.

Museum of Everything


Chief in Colour

The Old Chief gets a two-way colour treatment. Preferences?

Blisters Blackout

Long overdue post: Thoroughly enjoyed the third Blisters show from Print Club. I didn't make it to the Blackout unfortunately but heard only good things. Incredible venue also. Two favourites were Joe Wilson and Stevie Gee.