Friday, 21 January 2011

Johnny Eck

Oh this man was wonderful. His name is Johnny Eck and he was a performer in P.T Barnum's sideshows and circus acts in the USA. Born as a twin, but missing all his body below the torso ('Broken Doll!' a midwife exclaimed at his birth) he lived to the age of eighty-six. In his life he accomplished more than most; a pianist, composer, painter, train conductor, racing car driver and photographer amongst many others. He made his own clothes to fit him perfectly, carved puppets to use in his shows, painted his own signs and lettering and when asked if he wished to have legs, he replied "Why would I want those? Then I'd have pants to press!"
What a chap. If anyone is in need of a healthy dose of perspective I suggest they do a little research on this incredible man.

This 4 colour screen print is an edition of 20 and will soon be available on my Etsy shop.

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