Monday, 24 October 2011


The third of November sees the opening of 'Specimen' at the Dead Dolls Club. The second exhibition we've done under the Curio name. The absence of a 'white cube' space has meant a whole heap of freedom, I'll be doing wall drawings and strange little sculptures plus original drawings and getting back in touch with my old friend, screen-print. I'm at the point at the moment where everything and nothing is finished, so my eye is doing a little twitch now and then. BUT I'm really excited about this show, the Dead Doll's Club is a great space and Adam and Daryl (the managers) are a talented two and bags of fun. So please, come see the opening next Thursday 3rd of November. It's only a stone throw away from Vyner Street in Hackney, so you'll be getting your First Thursday Fix, plus we're offering delectable canapes...

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