Thursday, 14 July 2011

Totem Totem Totem

Just a week to go now before the totems are released into the Zellig Gallery, Birmingham along with a menagerie of new work from international artists and illustrators (myself included). There are some great names involved, especially BILLY and Ian Watson. I wish I could attend the Private View as it looks like it's going to be pretty colourful and jam-packed with visual splendour. Best of luck to everyone involved, have a drink on my behalf and massive thanks to the splendid folk at Inky Goodness.

Here are a few sneak previews of my totem piece, exploring bizarre biology and the cell development that forms characters from mere microscopic strands of DNA. Hugely enjoyable and verging on obsessive, these line drawings are the way my work seems to be going at the moment. Go and see them in the flesh! Totem Homecoming Show opens Thursday 21st July at the Zellig Gallery, Custard Factory, Birmingham. Runs until July 30th. Don't miss it!

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