Monday, 2 May 2011

Minnie Ha-ha

SO SO much going on at the moment that I feel a bit like my brain is made of feathers. A bit like the lady above. Her stage name was Minnie Ha-Ha or Koo Koo - The Bird Girl. A strange skeletal disorder meant she had only a tiny head, a beaked nose, barely any eyesight and hardly any hair. She starred in the feast scene of Tod Browning's 'Freaks' and by all accounts seemed to lead quite a happy, albeit a simple life. In other news, 'Curio' opens at the East Gallery on Thursday. Work is returning from the framers, prints are signed and editioned, invites are sent and bottles of wine are being begged, borrowed AND stolen. I have made a fair amount of new work for the show, hence why the blog and website have been a bit on the quiet side of late. Be great if you could make it down if you were in the area. Private view is 6-9pm Thursday 5th, with the exhibition continuing through the weekend until Monday. See you there.

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