Monday, 23 February 2009

Not on White Paper

'Not on White Paper' was an unconventional drawing show, shown from the 3rd til the 14th December 2008 at the Malt Cross Gallery, St. James' Street, Nottingham.

This exhibition was a joint curatorial project by Jennifer Webber (myself) and Naomi Terry.

Curatorial Statement.

'Not on White Paper' is a collection of line based work, of any medium or material, that side steps the conventional format of drawing. By taking away the limitations of white paper that are ordinarily applied to this medium, the exhibition aims to broaden the expected perceptions of drawing and elevate its status.Whether it be of simple or complex construction, the intent of the exhibition is to exemplify the fundamental elements of drawing. The work shown retains the honest qualities of line, in which the process of expression is evident in the marks made.

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