Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Bookcase Discovery

Oh what a find.
I think it was this very book that made me start drawing in the first place. It's pages are browning and the stitching is loose and it smells incredible, that lovely historical smell. Notice how I've named all the animals, well, most. At seven I apparently didn't think that the pigs and sheep were worthy of personal names. I distinctly remember copying some of these pictures and I remember particularly enjoying drawing the hair-fringe covering the shire horses hooves. It has tea cup ghost stains on the front cover and my grandma's old address inside. I read a book years ago about a girl whose dad was a novelist and he kept his manuscripts in the salad drawer of his fridge in case of a fire. I'd definitely keep this book in my fridge.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Old Prawn Brows

I drew this fishy old bachelor for my boy's 25th birhday. Pictured here without the ridiculous birthday rhyme that filled his hat. Out with antlers and in with wrinkly old men with stories to tell.


Here he is. The final logo design for Merrimaking. I think this might be the start of a new wave of work. I can feel my drawing style changing a little. Watch this space.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Right Then

Right then. A tremendous amount has happened since my last post. I moved to London, found a job, started a Masters, found a new running route around Victoria Park and finished the George Lucas biography that has been sitting on my bedside table and glaring at me for a year and a half. I have made a promise to myself to never neglect this blog again. It may also serve as my diary and thought-cupboard for these coming years.
Above is a severely overdue drawing for my dear friends at Merrimaking. In it's final stages on my lightbox, it will serve as an illustrated logo for their glorious business of hood-making and more, find them at www.merrimaking.co.uk they are SERIOUSLY MERRY.