Friday, 3 September 2010

Food Pervert

At present I am in between houses and jobs. Having tied up all loose ends from all commissions based in Nottingham, and waiting to move in my new pile of bricks in East London (next wednesday!) I seem to have a lot of time on my hands. So I've been busying myself in the kitchen and in the nearby vegetable patch. I am a little closer to one of my Life Long Ambitions; to know each and every herb and spice and know exactly what dish it compliments. Here are some of my creations. Tonight: mackerel with chilli and lime. Tomorrow: Vegetable Calzone!

From top to bottom: fresh raspberries from the garden, roasted red peppers stuffed with spicy cous-cous and goats cheese for the Bank Holiday BBQ, garlic-roasted vegetables all from the garden then plum bake with a cheesecake swirl.

Sea no Evil

I have been doing some work for the noisy boys of Ocean Bottom Nightmare. The beast below is the Cover design for their forthcoming EP Panicdote. Since drawing this I have been paying more attention to the supermarket fish counter than deemed normal by the obliging staff of Sainsburys.